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Customers say about the I Can Sleep...™ Eye Shade 

"Dear I Can Breathe! Masks,   Using your eyeshade has brought about for me what can only be deemed a miracle.   Last spring, my eyes suddenly became sore and stinging. I had difficulty opening them in the a.m. and experienced pain and burning in the eyes during the waking hours. There were several diagnoses, but the most shocking was something called corneal dysplasia--areas of abrasion and/or splitting of the cornea; the prognosis was uncertain at best.    My longtime eye doctor also detected that for whatever reason, the eyes were not fully closing, and he suggested an eye shade at night to keep light out and maintain eye moisture.    Long story short: After using the I Can Sleep . . . Egyptian cotton-style soft, non-irritating eye shade for approximately six months, there has been a stunning turnaround. One eye has practically healed itself, and the other is not far behind. The doctor was amazed, and without prompting, he attributed the progress to the ICS shade.   Can't thank you enough, Adrien and staff! My new motto: ICS eye shade-- Don't fall asleep without it!   Sincerely yours, SS, New York" 

"I have worn many different eye shades. I love the I Can Sleep... eye shade because the ear loops are more
comfortable than straps around the head which split my hair. The mask is so light and I like the way it lays
on my face. The cotton breathes so I don't sweat. I barely know it's there! To me, it is a perfect eye
shade. Jane D, San Francisco, CA"

"Most eye shades feel sticky and hot (if they have plastic or anything in them), slide off the eyes (if they have elastic around the back of the head) or make it uncomfortable to lie on your side or tummy. I find that the cotton is extremely comfortable, the nose clip helps the whole thing stay in place, and the ear loops work better than anything going around the head. They also happen to block light very nicely, which I need because I am very sensitive to early dawns! My original one hasn't worn out or anything, but I'd like to keep one in my travel kit etc."   Sally Thorne, RN, PhD, Professor

"I want to tell you how much I love the sleep mask you sell. I've tried many different types of eye shades over the years and none of them provided the comfort and prevention of light coming in that your eye shade does. In fact I was unable to sleep in the other brands of eye shades. Some were too hot or uncomfortable or would allow light to come in when I would turn to sleep on my stomach. The I Can Sleep...™ Eye Shade's special ear loops and adjustable nose piece and design makes it so completely comfortable that it feels like I don't even have an eye shade on and the light stays out no matter what position I sleep in or how much I move around during my sleep. The cotton material is cool and completely itch free and comfortable for me. The price is very reasonable and affordable. I don't know what I would do if your eye shade was no longer available. I know I would not sleep as well as I do now thanks to your eye shade. When I go on a trip, my sleep mask is an item that I make sure is packed in my suit case. I heartily recommend the I Can Sleep...™ Eye Shade for anyone who wants better sleep whether that sleep is at night or during the brightest part of the day. This is an eye mask that does what it says it does comfortably. -Retired in Phoenix"

Sara Whetegrove of Arizona wrote that besides the best sleep she has had in a "looooong" time "I have a dry eye condition that required ointment at night. With the eye shade, not only is ointment not necessary, when I awaken my eyes are moist and free of any debris. That in itself is wonderful!" 

Perfect gift for students living in dorms or anyone sharing a room with other people who read in bed.  For traveling, the soft construction allows you to keep the Eye Shade in your pocket or purse.   Hand or machine wash, hang dry. 

        "I really like the Org. Cotton Eye Mask. And, this is a big development for me - since using it the very first night, my eyes have stopped being so dry and irritated. It is an improvement of about 90%. I haven't even used eye drops - and I used to use them frequently during the night. (Something in my bedroom/house is probably still causing problems)." Jnanda Lampman

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