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Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter (ACF) Pollution Mask is a hit with world class athletes and professional support staff for transcontinental flights, touring, and a variety of test event competitions  when preparing for  Beijing games 2008.


Nicole in a Tan ACF Mask.

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Colors: Tan, White, Gray, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Silver or an assortment of laces.

Tan is available from Magellan's, America's Leading Source of Travel Supplies

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To purchase I Can Breathe! Honeycomb  or Lace ACF Masks: Click for secure online purchase.  For sending check  see To Order.  Repeat Customer Survey          

Limited Edition Elegant Lace covered honeycomb masks.  To see pictures and for secure online purchase, click here 

 Comfortably reduce exposure to smog, smoke, ozone, diesel exhaust, fragrances, particulate matter. See what you can do in a Honeycomb Mask. Adjustable ear loops, seals well. Fits in pocket.  A traveler reports the carbon mask is effective in heavily polluted areas: Hanoi, Delhi, and Kathmandu.  Mask compatible with oxygen cannulaCustomers say...   "Are you one of 159 million Americans breathing unhealthy air?" For a realtime report about what is in the air you breathe see  Disclaimer (If you need a NIOSH approved N95 or R95 respirator click here.)  NEW USE for HONEYCOMB MASK: Avoid gnats and other bugs. When pollution is not a problem, mask may be worn without a filter to screen pests.   Motorcycling.  Decorate mask for fun, personal statement, team or school support, whatever. A customer reports that when she goes to a nail salon wearing this mask she does not smell the chemicals.

A business traveler says: "The I Can Breathe! Carbon mask saved my lungs and kept me healthy while traveling overseas. In Hanoi the air was thick and gray and I could not breathe deeply unless I wore the carbon mask. I had the same experience in Delhi and in Kathmandu. The smell of exhaust was completely gone when I put on the mask. I was around a lot of people who were coughing and sneezing. Last year I traveled the same area without any mask for protection and suffered from a chronic cough and 3 respiratory infections. With the mask on this year I was totally healthy. I wore the mask whenever I flew and again I feel this is the reason I was not sick in the 4 months I was overseas. Your mask gives our bodies the protection it needs to stay healthy and enjoy the travel. My lungs and I thank you." Punita in California

Regarding smoke from fires, Punita reported: "The smell of the burning fires in which they even burn plastics was not a problem if I had the mask on. Without the mask, I could not breathe in an area where they were burning trash."

A repeat customers says:

            "I live in Kaohsiung Taiwan, a city with some of the heaviest air pollution on Earth. Seeing the color blue here in the sky is a rare event. It's like living in a permanent fog. I have used cheap 7-11 masks but they are worthless against the pollution. I tried 3-M hospital carbon masks but they are uncomfortable and outside smells of exhaust and gas seep in. Then after years of frustration and asthma, I finally found the I Can Breathe! Honeycomb Carbon Mask. It is amazing. I'm breathing clean air again. A bus or a garbage truck belches a huge cloud of black smoke right in my face and I don't smell anything. This product is fantastic. It's comfortable, folds easily into my pocket, and works great. Now when I go somewhere that's unavoidable, instead of sneezing, a runny nose and feeling miserable, I just slip on the mask and am immediately okay." Eric Telfer

Effective for poor air quality indoors or on airplanes. A porous, lightweight, washable shell holds and seals a disposable carbon filter. Mask fits in a pocket. The adjustable ear loops allow for a personal fit and long wearing comfort, even with eye glasses, goggles or a helmet. Replace filter when breathing becomes difficult or odor comes through even after adjusting nose wire. How long a filter lasts depends upon your sensitivities and environment. See Customers Say..."Pollution Health Effects" and "Trigger Detection Diary."  You can talk and be heard while wearing these masks.  For an N95 respirator, click here.

For information call toll free in the USA: 1-888-313-0123, 9a-5p, CST, Mon-Fri.  International call: 001-773-643-1062. Or click here for E-mail.

"How Safe is Airplane Air? Travelers say stuffy cabins are giving them headaches, colds and even nausea. Wall Street Journal: Weekend Journal, June 9, 2000, investigative reporter Nancy Keates "found some unsettling results."

To reduce exposure to irritants during air travel, the I Can Breathe! feather light, porous Honeycomb Mask holds a light weight activated carbon filter combined with two inner polyester linings which absorb and filter odors, fumes, and finer particles, may reduce exposure from 50% to 95% depending on the substance.  (For more detailed information click on Carbon Filter)   Effective for indoor as well as outdoor pollution.  (See customer comments and photo below.)  For excessive pollution, perfume or second hand cigarette smoke, some customers report wearing one filter inside the other. The filter does not replace industrial strength respirators, is not meant for occupational exposure, and is not NIOSH certified at this time.  

Travel: The Honeycomb Mask was designed specifically to seal the filter effectively and not require frequent washing [unless you think you are exposed to virus or bacteria. In that case, soak mask in peroxide and wash with hot water. Discard filter in the cellophane bag. Wash hands frequently.] The disposable activated carbon filters the recycled air on airplanes. Apparently the filtration reduces irritation of nasal passages and of the eustachian tube to the middle ear, thus minimizing a build up of pressure and ear pain.  [This was a joyful discovery! Adrien] The adjustable ear loops allow the mask to fit almost everyone.  Carry the Honeycomb Mask in your pocket or purse for handy use while touring air polluted cities.  Think of this mask as an instrument case for singers, storytellers, actors, and teachers.   See Photo GalleryMotorcycling.

How long a filter lasts depends upon your sensitivities and environment. Change filters when breathing becomes difficult.  Adjust the ear loops to fit you with comfort, even with eye glasses, goggles and helmet. Folds to fit in pocket.  Quick to put on and take off.  Hangs on one ear when you eat or drink.    Disclaimer.   To order.

Tip for humidification of dry air on long flights: A damp Cold Weather Mask or   Organic Cotton Mask both humidfy and filter particles in the air.   

Exercise: For exertion in urban air pollution combined with high humidity and heat, runners and bicyclists may want to have a second filter in case the first becomes saturated with moisture.  After exercising, hang the filter to dry  before reusing.  For indoor or outdoor exercise, the Silk Comfort Mask clears the air of particles and helps with body odors in a stuffy gym room. See our Sport Kit. The filter with 2 exhalation valves was developed for two international teams of elite athletes competing in Beijing 2008 games.

The Honeycomb Mask comes in numerous colors and lace. 

Contents of the Honeycomb Mask: Polyester shell, cotton/polyester tape over wire encased in plastic, latex free, polyester elastic.  Contents of the Carbon filter: Air laid web material consisting of powdered activated carbon from bituminous coal bound onto a polyester support material with a modified acrylonitrile copolymer latex (this synthetic latex does not contain the protein of natural rubber).  Check content with your medical doctor.   The mask should not be worn near fire.  Latex-free elastic is on all masks.

Attention men with beards:  Facial hair may prevent an adequate seal.

For understanding an aversion to perfume and fabric softener, read: Julia Kendall's (1935-1997) information on the composition and health effects of fragrances:   and   Take action to create fragrance free zones in your home and at work.

Responses from customers regarding I Can Breathe! Honeycomb Mask with Activated Carbon Filter

4-16-00  "Dear Adrien, I wanted to let you know how well the Honeycomb Mask is working. I've used it to dust, sort old papers, and vacuum. In the past, those tasks would make me congested or even gave me a sinus infection within 24 hours. I've been using it for the past 2 weeks and I have had no problems. It is comfortable, cool, and doesn't fog up my glasses! It's the first mask that allows me to wear my glasses. Thanks! Sincerely, Becky"

E-mail from Sharon Miller, librarian with increasing sensitivities to printer's ink and computer: "Adrien, I can breathe!  I feel so terrific, you're a genius.  I'm wearing my honeycomb with carbon filter and love it.  I am going to be able to read now!  Again thanks." 

Author, Lynn Lawson wears the Honeycomb Mask with Carbon filter to shield her from perfume at concerts, and her husband relies upon the I Can Breathe! Cold Weather Mask against the Chicago winter wind chill. Ms. Lawson’s book Staying Well in a Toxic World: Understanding Environmental Illness, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Chemical Injuries, and Sick Building Syndrome  was called "The Silent Spring of the 90's."  Her A New Millennium Update  is available: Ms. Lawson used to edit "Canary News," an outstanding newsletter which kept readers up to date on the latest information regarding environmental illnesses. 

Amy Marsh wrote: "I ended up giving the honeycomb to my I am going to order another honeycomb and extra filters. Great product you have! Thanks!" San Francisco, 10/27/98  Environmental Health Network, another terrific resource for information and action to improve our environment.

Sandra Ross, Ph.D., Health and Habitat, in a letter to the CFIDs Chronicle, Our Toxic Times, and The Reactor regarding travel aids for her 6 week European trip included: "‘I Can Breathe!’ masks... these well contoured cloth with charcoal filter masks can be worn day and night." She added, "I think that these masks are indispensable for anybody with environmental sensitivities. They can be slipped so easily into an envelope in pocket or purse for easy access and are as attractive as a mask can be."

"Neat, neat, neat!!!" Sallie Bones exclaimed on seeing the Honeycomb Mask. On use for printer’s ink, she wrote: the magazine "smells pretty awful until aired out and I have tried masks before but then I could not see as my glasses get all fogged up. Having a new edition, I struggled to read. Then I tried your mask and I can read with it on. I can also breathe with it on. Other masks have the charcoal filter, but bulk makes breathing difficult. I like the shape of this mask and am surprised nobody else used it. I’ve worn masks since about 1986 and nobody used that shape before! Also, I love the ear pieces that don’t mess with my hair-do! Congratulations–far more innovative than any of the other masks I’ve tried."

Diane Korhonin wrote about the Honeycomb Mask with carbon filter she wore on a trip to see her grandchild in Europe: "I was rewarded by using the mask–Very little jet lag. More peaceful–particularly when I arrived–a miracle!"

"In September 1997, about 11 a.m., I experienced fatigue, chills, mental confusion, and indecisiveness. After resting for two hours with no improvement, I realized there might be something in the air. I put on a Honeycomb Mask with carbon filter. Within minutes, my body warmed and mind cleared, energy returned, and I knew what to do next. After 3 p.m. I called to learn the pollution count for the day: 65 Particulate Matter. Now if I feel fatigued, chilled, and mentally foggy, I put on the Honeycomb Mask and have energy to get on with what needs doing." I Can Breathe! Inc. mask designer Adrien Bledstein, Chicago

"I want to thank you for the latest mask you sent me. As you know, I am extremely sensitive to dust, mold, and petrochemical fumes.  I use your mask whenever I am cleaning, sorting through old papers, working in an area where other people have used paints, solvents, or cleaning products.  I find that your masks not only effectively control my exposures, but are also less cumbersome and more attractive than other products I have tried.  I have recommended your products to others and will continue to do so. Thank you, Jeane Davis"

Questions or comments: in USA call 1-888-313-0123, M-F 9a-5p CST. Chicago 773-643-1062

Special instructions for  Athletes.

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