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The I Can Breathe! Cold Weather Silk Lined Fleece Mask with low resistance warms and humidifies cold, dry air without fogging eye glasses*. Washable. US Patent 5,701,892    Current colors: Black, Gray, Teal. To purchase I Can Breathe! Masks: for secure order online click on Adult or Child. Click for secure online purchase.  Repeat Customer Survey  Customers say . . . For sending check  see To Order.

Doctor Review: "Reduces cumulative effects of exposure to cold air."  Studies show that a face mask which humidifies and warms dry, frigid air may effectively reduce exercise-induced asthma in cold weather.  Cold also puts stress on the cardiovascular system. Two sizes for Cold Weather Mask only, adult and child. *Position eyeglasses over the fleece to keep "fog free" in most circumstances. Protected by U.S. Patent 5,701,892. 

"Super! I used a cold weather mask in China, but this is way better! My face stays dry, my glasses don't fog, and I can even wear lipstick with it. Thanks so much. Tina Liouzis"

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Luxurious polyester fleece with silk lining keeps you cozy while breathing freely in the uniquely styled, patented design which prevents material from sucking into your mouth and nose.  On a frigid day,  Wendy Doniger experienced "mask envy." She bought a mask and exclaimed: "It's warm and doesn't feel skuzzy against my mouth!"  Her son "borrowed" (as Huck Finn would say) her black mask, so she ordered a new one. 

"I have and will continue to strongly recommend your product to any person with a need for a cold weather mask," says Gerard Queenan, who loves winter sports but cold irritates his lungs. While race walking for 45 minutes with the cold weather mask on he experienced no impediment to his breathing. "My glasses only fogged up when I stopped moving. I do highly recommend your cold weather mask, for basically any cold weather activity."  See his complete report:  Athletes: Winter Sports 

Children love the cold weather mask: "My son Wally just loves his mask. Last year he had to be tutored and couldn't go to school. He wears the mask to go in and out of school. So far so good. He is usually sick with pneumonia by now. We owe it all to your cold weather mask. Again I say thank you." Lori Poupore   Another parent reported that since her son has been wearing the mask he has had no hospital emergencies compared to 3 or 4 in prior winters.

Beautifully hand made in Chicago, USA, the mask covers nose, mouth, and cheeks while freeing hands from holding a scarf or tissue (save money on tissues by wearing a mask!). The adjustable ear loops fit your face and are compatible with helmets, earrings, hats and scarves. Child sizes (gray and teal only).  Mask contains small parts not meant for a child under three years old.  

For information call toll free in the USA: 1-888-313-0123, 9a-5p, CST, Mon-Fri.  International call: 00-1*-773-643-1062. Or click here for E-mail.


             LOOK FOR LABEL SEWN UNDER THE CHIN: I CAN BREATHE!  U.S. Patent: 5,701,892.     Features: wpe11.gif (3267 bytes)

"Thank you for creating your wonderful cold weather mask and for explaining to me it’s proper use for maintaining fog free eye glasses. I pinch and seal the mask above my nose then place my glasses on over the mask. I look forward to another Chicago winter of walking my dog fog free. Sincerely, Gayle Altur"  

Three happy customers :)   1. "I'm a 57 year old man that does a 30 minute walk every morning in Northern California. I found that the morning cold air triggered my asthma. I tried one of those drugstore paper masks; though it did warm the air up, it also steamed up my glasses. I bought the I Can Breathe Cold Weather Mask hoping to stop the fogging on my glasses; properly adjusted it certainly did the trick. I also have a beard, and even with the beard my glasses did not fog up. I was so happy with the Cold Weather Mask, that I bought one as a gift for my ex-wife (who also has breathing problems) who lives in Montana. Hope this helps. Russ"    2. "Hello, I just received, washed and have tried out the Cold Weather Mask that I received as a gift. It is AWESOME! I now know why Russ was raving about his. Of course, now that my husband has seen mine, he wants one also. Many thanks and a special thank you for designing the PERFECT mask. Andrea"   3. And her husband Jim said: "This wonder of yours looks good, is comfortable, convenient, is well made and all in all you deserve some gold stars for helping so many people in need of it. Adrien, I can find no fault with your product and that is rare. "

"Your winter face mask is by far the best I have ever used. It makes me feel comfortable and confident in the coldest weather, and is handsome to boot. Sincerely, Court Lawson"

Ask questions:  1-888-313-0123, Chicago 773-643-1062

Tip for long distance flights: either the Cold Weather Mask or the Organic Cotton Mask may be used to humidify dry air: Wash and rinse the mask, hand wring it well, roll it in two unscented paper towels, then wear it damp.  The polar fleece is spongy so stays damp, humidifying the air you breathe.  When it dries out, wash and wring the mask again.  Both the fleece and the silk act as filters of particles. 

Have fun. Decorate your mask with a favorite team logo (lapel pins work well), flower, button or animal applique near the ear on each side of the mask.

Fiber Contents: polyester fleece, natural silk, cotton, hard plastic, latex free polyester elastic. 

Washing instructions:  Hand wash in cool water with an unscented liquid detergent which does not leave a residue, any "free and clear" laundry or dish detergent.  Rinse well.  For quicker dry, roll mask in a terry towel and hang it up open.

Questions or comments: in USA call 1-888-313-0123, M-F 9a-5p CST.

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