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Motorcycle safety and freedom on the road: I Can Breathe!

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with ACF (activated carbon filter) + sun shades + helmet + shield

             = lung, eye, and head protection.

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"My name is Fran Starcher RN, Ph.D. I am 58 years old and legally diagnosed/disabled with Environmental Illness and Multiple Chemical Allergies, complicated with asthma. My husband and I are avid morotcyclists riding several times a week. This past weekend we traveled 497 miles in two days through the hills of Virginia. I reside in Chesapeake, Virginia which is 20 miles from the Atlantic at Virginia Beach. Allergies and mold are prevalent here. Yet I have found the mask allows me to ride my motorcycle with great comfort. And yes, it truly filters away exhaust fumes while traveling on the highways. Now I won't say that it will work well behind a 5 ton truck or 18 wheeler but it helps enough to allow me to be out there enjoying what I like to do. I find the mask filter needs to be changed only about every 6 weeks with 5-9 hours of biking weekly." Summer 2004

Tip: If encountering a road with 18 wheelers, pull over, put a fresh filter inside the first filter to double the filtering. Caution: For some people two filters may impede breathing too much.

Questions or comments: in USA call 1-888-313-0123, M-F 9a-5p CST.

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