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"When I first saw your mask in a catalog, I was highly skeptical. It didn't look like what I was used to. But, boy, have I learned. After wearing my organic cotton mask, I plan to get a couple more. YOU REALLY HAVE COME UP WITH AN EXCELLENT ORIGINAL DESIGN.Thank you, Carol Cliff"

The I Can Breathe! Multipurpose 100% certified Organic Cotton Mask is a comfort mask made with three layers of soft, natural color fabric to reduce exposure to dust, pollen, mold, dander, and lint.  No dyes or bleach have been used on the fabric.  See the Silk Comfort Mask for the design. Adjustable non-organic, natural cotton twill ear loops hold the mask in place. Naturally latex-free.

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Hard plastic, which has passed the sniff test of customers with severe sensitivities, is encased in cotton, so does not touch your skin.  The nose grip provides an effective seal, and the front rigid support (U.S. Patent 5,701,892) allows you to breathe and talk without sucking in fabric.  Metal rings instead of plastic buckles secure the adjustable ear loops.

The label made of polyester is sewn on the outside to prevent irritation.  Remove if you need to.

Wash the mask before wearing with a cleaner that has no scent and does not leave a residue to clog the fabric.   "Free and clear" liquid detergents work well.

The Organic Cotton Comfort Mask filters particles and the seal is effective.  If breathing becomes difficult, it is time to wash the mask in hot or cool water, with a detergent that leaves no residue, then rinse well and hang to dry.  May be rolled in a towel to blot water then wear damp for humidification in dry atmosphere, such as on long flights or in a desert.  Drying in a dryer may shrink the mask.

For an organic cotton mask with activated carbon sewn in, call Adrien 888-313-0123.

Questions or comments:  in USA call 1-888-313-0123, M-F 9a-5p CST.

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